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Because Netflix is now a global force, it is committed to creating high-quality original shows and movies that can’t be seen anywhere else, with a strategy built around binge watching.

With partnerships with companies like Disney and Dreamworks to create exclusive shows for its audience, Netflix is aiming to create engaging programs for audiences of all ages. The recent addition of offline viewing is also taking the platform to the next level.

Netflix subscribers can now download certain shows and movies to their iOS and Android devices to watch offline, which truly makes the concept of watching Netflix anywhere a reality.

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How much does Netflix Singapore cost?

For a limited time, Singaporeans are invited to try Netflix for one month for free. If they choose to continue, service plans start at $10.99 for a single standard definition stream. There are no contracts with Netflix so you can cancel the service at any time, but until then your credit card that was used to sign up will automatically be charged each month.

If you have obtained a coupon code for Netflix services, you can get your discount when you sign up. Simply wait to be prompted during check-out and enter the code where indicated. You will see the discount applied on your first billing statement.

There are three plans offered by Netflix that you can choose from: Basic, Standard and Premium. The one you pick will depend on the types of features you want with your Netflix subscription.

Not only can you cancel at any time, you can change your plan if your needs change. Differences in rates will be prorated to your account. It is important to note that your account is going to be automatically billed by Netflix. If you wish to cancel you will need to do so before your billing cycle ends.

In order to watch a video streamed from Netflix on your PC or laptop you will have to have the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed. This is a free download that enables Netflix to run properly on your computer.

Why is Netflix in Singapore and why is it a big deal?

Back in 1997, Netflix changed the way movies were rented in the United States. Subscribers could view the company’s selection of movies online, order what they wanted and have the DVD delivered to their mailbox. The customer would watch, pop the movie back in a pre-paid envelope and send it back to Netflix. In 1999 they introduced their customers to monthly subscriptions and stopped offering single rentals by 2000. This was the start of a movie rental concept with no due dates or late fees and unlimited rentals per month for a flat fee.

The business plan took a few years to catch on, but by 2003 Netflix posted its first profit of US$6.5 million. By 2005 Netflix was shipping a million DVDs out to subscribers daily from a stock of over 35,000 different film titles. Ten years after its introduction, Netflix had delivered its billionth DVD and was looking towards introducing video on demand using the Internet.

Online streaming of video through Netflix turned the company from being one of the post office’s biggest customers to being the largest source of Internet traffic in North America by 2010. By 2011 Netflix began to acquire content that would be exclusive to their service. Major blockbuster shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black put them on the map, while partnerships with Marvel for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist expanded the audience. Now, Netflix is investing billions in original content for the coming years to cater to its rapidly growing international audience.

When did Netflix launch in Singapore?

Netflix launched in Singapore in January 2016. While there was some early dismay around Netfix Singapore’s comparatively shallow library, it has since grown to rival some of the bigger international TV and movie catalogues. As of April 2018, Netflix’s library had grown significantly with 2060 TV and movie titles, compared to the much smaller launch offering of around 700 titles.

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The international expansion of Netflix

Netflix began offering its video streaming services to Canada in September 2010 followed by a large expansion into Central and Southern America including Mexico in 2011. This proved to be very lucrative, especially in the Canadian market.

By 2012 it had become available in the UK and Northern Ireland, which was even more successful than their introduction into Canada. From here they slowly integrated into most of the rest of Europe over the next two years. Distribution rights make it impossible for Netflix to provide the same content to all countries, but they attempt to make up for this with their exclusive series and movies as well as adding localised content for their overseas subscribers.

In the early part of 2015, Netflix entered the Australia and New Zealand video streaming markets, followed by Japan and Singapore later that year.

Then, at CES 2016, Netflix shocked the world by switching on in almost 200 different countries around the world. Currently, Netflix is available in every country around the globe except China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria, though the content libraries vary greatly. For a full rundown of what’s available on Netflix around the globe, check our international Netflix TV and movie lists.

How does Nexflix Singapore compare?

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How much data will Netflix Singapore use?

Not sure what quality you’re streaming at? There is a way to check (see below), but if you’re paying for the basic package you’re streaming in SD, the standard package gets you HD and up to 4K (assuming you have a 4K capable television) is available on the premium package.

If you’re only streaming Netflix at home with an unlimited broadband plan, data usage isn’t going to be of much concern to you.

However, if you do have a data limit, for example when you’re streaming on a mobile network, data usage is something you should seriously consider. Excess usage can result in hefty charges from your provider.

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To change video quality settings, simply access Netflix from your web browser and click on the profile image in the top-right corner of the window. Then, in the drop-down menu, select “Your Account”. On the “My Profile” page, select “Playback settings” in the “My Profile” section. From there, you can manually select the video quality of your Netflix stream. In the case where you’re experiencing lag, you’re going to want to switch it to “Low” (you may have to wait up to 8 hours for the changes to be processed).

If your stream is constantly buffering, you’re going to want to switch it to “Low” (you may have to wait up to 8 hours for the changes to be processed).

Netflix Singapore frequently asked questions

  • A: The minimum connection speed is 0.5Mbps, but this will give you a poor quality image. The speed and the bandwidth of your Internet connection will have a direct impact on how you view the content, so you will want a high-speed connection for best results.

  • A: This will depend on the membership plan you have ordered.

  • A: Yes, the Netflix app will enable you to watch content from Netflix on any of your mobile devices. The introduction of Netflix changed the video streaming industry instantly, as Singaporeans now have more choices than ever before when it comes to selecting a video streaming service provider. Before you make any decisions, check and compare the features and prices to find the provider that has what you want for the right price.

  • A: You will be charged in SGD for the services; Netflix processes the payments locally so you don’t have to worry about exchange rates and conversion fees.

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What devices are compatible with Netflix Singapore?

One appealing aspect that Netflix has over other video streaming providers is the number of devices you can use to access the movies and TV series. These include:

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What are the different Netflix charges? ›

Netflix has three simple plans to choose from: Basic for $10, Standard for $15.50, and Premium for $20. And Netflix barely raised its prices, but there's no better service than this to watch hours upon hours of great entertainment. Prepare to find yourself binge-watching more often than not.

What is the difference between Netflix standard basic and premium? ›

Basic allows one stream, as well as episode/movie downloads to a single phone or tablet for offline viewing. Standard allows two streams, and it downloads to two offline phones or tablets. Premium allows four streams, and it downloads to four offline phones or tablets.

Is there really a difference in Netflix plans? ›

Netflix offers a variety of plans to meet your needs. The plan you choose will determine the video quality and the number of screens you can watch Netflix on at the same time.

What are the 3 Netflix plans? ›

A Netflix account has three different streaming plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Which Netflix plan is the best? ›

The most popular plan on Netflix is the all-rounder Standard account. The step-ups from the Basic plan include two simultaneous streams, two devices to register for downloads and a nice boost when it comes to your resolution. On Netflix Standard, you'll be able to stream in High Definition (HD), which is up to 1080p.

Does Netflix premium have more content? ›

Netflix packages

The short answer is no – your package does not influence the content you get, and all the plans receive the same series, movies, and shows. The differences come into play when you look at the quality of the streams and the number of devices you can use your Netflix account on.

Is there a difference between Netflix HD and Ultra HD? ›

The biggest difference between the three is picture quality. You'll only get 640 x 480 pixels on the Basic plan — roughly half the number of HD (1,280 x 720) and a fifth of 4K Ultra HD quality (3,840 x 2,160).

Is it worth getting Netflix premium? ›

With the standard plan, you get HD content and the ability to stream on up to two devices simultaneously. And with the premium plan, you get ultra HD content and can stream on up to four devices at once. The good thing about Netflix is that you're not forced to sign a contract where you're locked into a given tier.

Is basic Netflix good enough? ›

You can't go wrong with the basic plan, mostly because it'll only cost you $9.99 per month. However, let's take a look at the minor restrictions you'll face. First, the video quality is pretty good, but the most you'll get is 480p resolution. This is fine if you're watching on a fairly old TV or smartphone.

How much content is 4K on Netflix? ›

You're going to need is a premium level Netflix 4K subscription. To get access to all that juicy Ultra HD content you need to pay more, specifically $17.99 per month for the 'Premium' plan. In terms of video quality, Netflix streams 4K at 2160p, which is good news.

Is basic Netflix really 480p? ›

Wanted to reactivate my account after a break and learned that the "basic" plan has been reduced to 480p. That's a dealbreaker for me. In times of stronger competition on the streaming market the offered service and prices should improve and not turn worse.

Is Netflix Singapore worth it? ›

In short, we would say: yes, even though its new price point places it as one of the costlier options amongst all the streaming services in Singapore. The wide variety of content available coupled with regular additions of new offerings makes Netflix well worth its current price.

What is Netflix Standard plan Singapore? ›

Here's a breakdown of the new pricing for each subscription plan: Basic: S$12.98 (previously S$11.98) Standard: S$17.48 (previously S$15.98) Premium: S$21.98 (previously S$19.98)

How many devices can use Netflix Singapore? ›

Netflix Premium

Up to 4 users.

Can I share my Netflix account? ›

With "Extra Member," subscribers to Netflix's standard and premium plans can add an account for up to two people who don't live with them. These "extra" members will have full access to the main Netflix account, and have their own profiles and login.

How many devices can use Netflix? ›

The Standard plan bumps you up to two simultaneous streams and two download devices, while the Premium package allows for four streams and downloads on up to four mobile devices.

How many people can use one Netflix account? ›

Netflix lets you watch video on multiple devices at once, which is convenient for families that share a single Netflix account. Depending on the kind of Netflix plan you have, you can stream video on one device (Basic), two devices (Standard), or four devices (Premium) at a time.

Are there any hidden fees with Netflix? ›

Does Netflix Have Extra Hidden Fees? There are no hidden fees.

What is standard Netflix plan? ›

Check out Netflix's DVD website.

The “Standard” plan comes in at $14.99 per month for two DVDs or Blu-rays at a time. And then there is the "Premium" plan which allows you to check out three DVDs or Blu-rays at a time for $19.99 per month.

Does Netflix have hidden fees? ›

"Beginning August 22, 2022, if your Netflix account is being used on a TV outside of your home, you will need to pay an extra $2.99 per month for each extra home.

What do you get with Netflix premium? ›

With the Netflix Premium plan, you benefit from 4K content and the ability to watch on four screens simultaneously. But it also comes with a higher price tag. We're going to discuss whether it's worth the cost, and some things you need to consider before shelling out.


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